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Design Miami Basel – Design at Large

Roman Primack (below, left) introduced himself as new director of Design Miami Basel with a new platform called Design at Large. It provided the fair with a compelling centerpiece. Curated by Barneys Creative Director Dennis Freedman (below, right), the six … Continue reading

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At Design Miami Basel

This year the design fair and central meeting place for global design collectors in its 9th edition attracted more than 50 galleries from 13 different countries and 26.600 visitors in 7 days. Big numbers, no? Besides all the breathtaking design … Continue reading

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Milena Kling @Supermarket Concept Store @ Bikini Berlin

Before talking about the art of berlin-based design talent Milena Kling (which I did already here) I’d like to share some of the latest fuzz in Berlin with you, as it is part of the story. It’s for sure the … Continue reading

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Virtual Tour – Design Exhibition “Blickfang”

After reading the headline you understood, ok, it’s a tour, a design exhibition, but mmhh, what’s the meaning of that “B-l-i-c-k-f-a-n-g” (?). Maybe you would guess it is german, and that’s right. And it is quite similar to the word … Continue reading

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Designer and Artist Rolf Sachs on “Typically German?”

  What is ‘typically German?’ You may answer spontaneously with an eye twinkling “they love garden gnomes!” – then, well done, you’ll be labelled a real expert in talking stereotypes. And as german who has lived abroad I had a … Continue reading

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Fornasetti – 100 years practical madness – exhibition @Triennale di Milano

If you may have followed the Monday Motto it’s no surprise anymore, that I am quite a big fan of the work and art of Piero Fornasetti. So I was highly delighted when I found out that my weekend trip … Continue reading

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Imperfect Design – Collection by Arian Brekveld

  Why does someone call a company imperfect design? Maybe because the com-bination of handcrafted products and leading Dutch design makes each item unique. The idea is, that products are designed by renowed dutch designers in collaboration with craftsmen and … Continue reading

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Cake stool by Fernando und Humberto Campana

How does it come, that this doubtlessly fabulous chair, the so-called “cake stool” (as shown above) was sold by auction at Philipps for 31,250 US Dollar recently? Well, here is a brief story about 2 brothers who went into Design … Continue reading