Ciao and welcome at Designisti.

Thanks for dropping by! You want to know who is behind all this? Well, let me tell you a short story which may show how all began…. It was once a day in Milan. For the first time in my life I was in a showroom full of colorful and scuptural objects, which were supposed to be furniture.

I was completely entranced from the colours, forms and materials. Not to forget the light. And I think, while I sat like Alice in Wonderland in a big armchair (it was the famous Proust from Alessandro Mendini), it was exactly this moment which released a lifelong weakness for all Italian, not only in Design.

Till this day, I run through Italian towns, being astonished by all of this beauty and I wonder how they do this “bella figura” concept just over and over again. You pass by an old building and in a weather-beaten entrance hangs an ultramodern chandelier and it looks simply wonderful.

Or an old cupboard stands in a kitchen, before it a mega-modern golden-coloured culinary block – the wall behind it strokes you in a breathtaking blue. Fantastic. For me they are simply still the masters of style mix.

My design heart (yes, and it also hangs on Italy for food, fashion brands, car types – my FIAT!, menswear, textiles oh, you name it…) and, hence, it will be an on-going subject of this Blog. But, it’s true, I must become disloyal here and there, because, the Scandinavians, for example, please me over and over again with their unmistakeable play  of black, white and light. And wow, not to forget, all of the inspiring young designers and so the world is full of so many pleasures for design tifosi.

Allora. Here writes a fan of good design. It simply makes me happy.
And I would be even more delighted, if this would apply for my readers too.



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  1. Dearest Designisti,

    I hope this note finds you well – I am writing to you as we have launched “Do Droog this Summer”.

    “Do Droog this Summer” highlights summer designs from brands such as Dick Moby,
    Studio Droog and Maarten Baas – all shot at our hospitality concept Hôtel Droog.
    Throughout summer we will reveal more images, supported by events, workshops
    (even a drone special!) and summer food creations.

    Below is a link containing the first two weeks of six weeks worth of content prepared
    specifically for the summer design season. If you need weeks 4-5, and/or 5-6
    please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Also, we are open to exploring collaborations with your publication throughout the
    campaign, or after the campaign as well for future working opportunities.

    You are also welcome to make an account for our press database at http://www.droog.com/press/

    Note to Editor: About Droog

    Based in Amsterdam since 1993, Droog is a design company with global impact.
    From in-house design studio to worldwide distribution of products to their own hotel,
    Droog brings beauty, simplicity, relevance and playfulness to everything they do,
    distilling each project down to the simple idea of less+ more.
    For more information, please visit http://www.droog.com

    Happy Summer!

    Lara Mikocki
    PR | Droog
    +31 6 83 6696 49

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