Ciao and welcome at Designisti.

Thanks for dropping by! You want to know who is behind all this? Well, let me tell you a short story which may show how all began…. It was once a day in Milan. For the first time in my life I was in a showroom full of colorful and scuptural objects, which were supposed to be furniture.

I was completely entranced from the colours, forms and materials. Not to forget the light. And I think, while I sat like Alice in Wonderland in a big armchair (it was the famous Proust from Alessandro Mendini), it was exactly this moment which released a lifelong weakness for all Italian, not only in Design.

Till this day, I run through Italian towns, being astonished by all of this beauty and I wonder how they do this “bella figura” concept just over and over again. You pass by an old building and in a weather-beaten entrance hangs an ultramodern chandelier and it looks simply wonderful.

Or an old cupboard stands in a kitchen, before it a mega-modern golden-coloured culinary block – the wall behind it strokes you in a breathtaking blue. Fantastic. For me they are simply still the masters of style mix.

My design heart (yes, and it also hangs on Italy for food, fashion brands, car types – my FIAT!, menswear, textiles oh, you name it…) and, hence, it will be an on-going subject of this Blog. But, it’s true, I must become disloyal here and there, because, the Scandinavians, for example, please me over and over again with their unmistakeable play¬† of black, white and light. And wow, not to forget, all of the inspiring young designers and so the world is full of so many pleasures for design tifosi.

Allora. Here writes a fan of good design. It simply makes me happy.
And I would be even more delighted, if this would apply for my readers too.



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