Are you Ready for School?


After talking about the interior of an office space quite recently I would like to talk about a place we all have spent tons of hours. Some of these hours have been funny one’s, some exciting, some less interesting and some beyond boring. And often from a design point of view even less inspiring. So, let’s talk about an eye-catching interior design for a school!

It is one of the latest projects of interior design and communication studio called Masquespacio based in Valencia, Spain. Their work for a new language school named 2day Languages is so fresh and welcoming in style that my immediate reaction was: oh yes, I would like to learn there!

Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio states:

As in the classrooms the students and their teachers are the protagonists, we wanted to limit our intervention to a minimum, without forgetting the freshness and “good feeling” that needed to breathe each space.

The space is developed on an area of 183 m2 that contains 3 classrooms, a staff room and a lounge. The classrooms contain the three brand colors, which in turn are a representation of the 3 different levels A,B and C seen as the colors blue, yellow and pink. But also the colors are representing the 3 characteristics in language learning: levels, goals, conversation. Every classroom contains a different color that is fading to pursue progress in language learning. The sculptural ceiling lamps are another reference to the school’s graphical elements.

2day Languages-class-room-designisti


2Day-Languages-Lounge-Designisti2day Languages-Lounge-DesignistiMasquespacio-Diseno-2Day-Languages-Photo-Cualiti-10-designisti Masquespacio-Diseno-2Day-Languages-Photo-Cualiti-2-designisti Masquespacio-diseno-2day-Languages-photo-cualiti-trends-designisti-11Warm materials like pine generate functional features. Chairs are chosen to offer maximum comfort. Looking closer we spotted five actual trends within the project. Plants, Pastells, Neon, Dip-Dye (colors fading at the walls) and Stringboards. All together the colors, the materials, the lightness, the decorative elements and the graphics infuse you with a fresh feeling and a happy learning experience is just around the corner.

Design: Masquespacio
Designer: Ana Milena Hernández Palacios
Photography: David Rodríguez from Cualiti