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Selve – design your perfect shoe

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Marylin Monroe

Well said. But, mmmhhh, wait a minute, how many expensive designer shoes do you have in your closet which are living their own quiet still life rather then helping you in terms of „conquer the world“? (…and I am not talking about the recently trendy Birks by Celine). One, two, three or even more? A short investigation into my closet brings me to a minimum of 3 pairs. Not talking of the category “not too bad…”. And, as far as I know, mispurchases are not only a women’s matter.

So men have the opportunity to get a hand-crafted customized shoe to overcome mispurchasing. But applies this for high heels, wedges, ballet flats, sandals, platforms, oxfords etc. too?

Yes, it does! Already 12 years ago Claudia Kieserling started her business named selve, which is based in Munich, Germany. As a shoe designer she was fascinated by the perfect fitting for shoes. But she realized that fit and functionality played only a minor role for fashionable, trendy shoes. So her vision was to create a concept which is all about being able to personalize your desired shoe shape. And so she made her dream come true and founded selve, the luxury shoe individualizer for made-to-measure footwear for men and women.

Claudia Kieserling in her Showroom in Munich, Germany


How does the selve process work?

Selve has it’s own measuring system, it was developed through a huge measurement series and offers far more sizes than any conventional shoe store. Therefore the chances of finding a comfortable fit are considerably elevated.

How does the measuring and fitting work?

Selve can help you with their own foot-type-typology and sizing system which you can see on the web site. Selve’s sizing system offers a variety of comfortable in-between sizes and different widths to fit you individually. Currently selve’s standard size range is able to cater for a size range from English size 1 to 10 for women’s shoes and from 4 to 16 for men’s (European sizes: 33 – 46). It is also possible for them to make minor modifications on the semi-bespoke shoe if you have troubles with bunions or the like.


Step 1:

There is a neutral shoe style in every size and width available for testing and sizing. Naturally the fit needs to be paid the highest attention to and therefore several shoes may be needed to be tried before everybody is happy and the sizing is accurate.

You will not have the chance to visit the showroom?

Then it’s also possible to try selve‘s unique and outstanding sample shoe service to try them on at home. This means, you select directly online the size, you would think is the best one and you will get free samples of semi-bespoke shoes which will help you to really select the right one. Then based on your feedback of the fitting the shoe size will be settled. It’s a free and absolutely great service. selve-shoes-sample-shoe-service-designisti

Step 2:

Let’s go on. You select the preferred shoe style, which is subsequently made in the individualized size. Simply start with picking a style from the collection and start with the process. Step by step your shoe design will evolve.


Step 3:

This is the fun part. There is a choice of heel, colour, material, lining colour and sole. The styles featured on the Website are on display and are made for your inspiration. So you’ll have plenty of options to play around with!



Hooray! Once you made all the choices you are ready to push the button for ordering! But wait, what if I am not sure about the color? No problem. Selve provides you also with color swatches to make the right choices. Of course selve uses only premium leather materials.

Delivery time takes 3 to 6 weeks depending on the style ordered (e.g. high-heel versus boots).

So get your creative juices flowing, shoes that are fashionable, classy and really fit to your individual feet are no longer a big dream, you get it even to your doorsteps delivered. Thanks to the great vision and service of Claudia Kieserling and the selve team.

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