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Monday Motto #2

How many times in our life we have already been reminded about living in the here and now would be one of the best things to do for our happiness? And there are also tons of books and seminars, coaches, meditation trainers and so on working on the Art of Now. But if you ever tried to control your mind and concentrate on the “NOW” you may know, it is quite a challenge. Talking about my attempts so far is also no success story at all. My mind has decided to live it’s own life and this means that it is preferably jumping around as quick as possible.

So when I found this sculpture from artist Doug Aitken it was kind of love at first sight. For me it visualizes perfectly the implications of NOW mainly with it’s combination of material and shape:

it looks and feels quite fragile – Isn’t that the same with the ongoing moments which come and go…?
it reflects the light in different angles  РLike our past and future is reflected in every NOW?
because of it’s shape it is impossible to catch a direct full picture – That seems to me also a now-phenomenon, ok, maybe not for people who did spent some time on practising meditation.
it has a special sense of power and poetry all at once – The interplay of light, material, proportion and meaning calms me down and makes me think on the beauty of life.

So although this weeks work set-up is quite a dense one I will try to slow down by making NOW the weeks motto and have a calm-down-session here and then. What about you? How did you start into the week?

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