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Friday finds – A Dream Home


Love the fresh feeling of the Knoll Sofas with the royalblue carpet.



The perfect match of art (by Kate Shaw), material, color and accessoires.


fitzroynorth4 fitzroynorth7 fitzroynorth8


This kitchen is truly inspiring. The match of white, marble, wood and black. Awesome. And I really like the effect of having the ceiling done like a floor. This makes something like an upside-down feeling. So cool.



Do you know those days when you think you shouldn’t waste more time and really start to search for the dream house?

Or at least just re-decorate the apartment. Or at least a room. 
Or maybe a detail in a room.
When I discovered the interior decoration of the Australian designer 
Anna Charlesworth and her husband Peter Stephens via the australian
blog thedesignfiles, I immediately wanted
1) a new kitchen (that oven is so fantastic!)
2) piece of art by Kate Shaw
3) a pool
4) a new stylish rug
5) or at least a turquoise vase, a squirrel and a blue skull pillow
Okay. Short calming by deeply inhaling and exhaling. Puh.
I calmed down myself even more with a small collage for steps 4) to 5). 
Please find the result attached for all those who have a similar 
feeling after scrolling down these 
fabulous pics. 

And what about your dream home? 
Are you living in it, already?
Happy Weekend!

decor, vases, skull-cushion, chevron-rug, pig, areaware, ritzenhoff
Turquoise Vase by Ritzenhoff
I could not find the squirrel but I 
spotted a cute pig...
Knotted rope bowl and bank pig by Areaware
Skull Cushion found at AllegraB/Etsy
rug found on rugsusa.com
to find similar Vases I recommend to 
stroll through etsy or ebay... 

PS: Please make sure to check out the work 
of artist Kate Shaw. Her work is so cool!


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