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Color Conversation

When I first talked to our house-painter about the colors
I had choosen for the walls of our new apartment, 
our small conversation went like this:
Me: I would like to choose this dark-violet for the dining 
House-Painter: Are you sure. Do you really want this one?
Me (still bit shy, because he is the expert and I assumed he
has some experience with color palettes): Yes. Do you 
think the color will not perform like the sample? Shall we 
go up or down on the color palette instead?
House-Painter: You mean, I really should paint your 
walls with this dark color? Are you sure?
Me (know a bit more confident): Yes, I am.
House-Painter (with heavy wrinkels coming to 
live on his forehead): 
Puh. This color is really not nice. I usally prefer white 
or off-white walls instead. 
Me: (I admit I was a bit disappointed but did 
not really care so much for his opinion....) 
Well, white walls are nice, depends...(I did not want to 
start a deep discussion about the topic so tried to 
be diplomatic somehow...)
House-Painter: Ok, but I tell you, I do not have time
to re-paint the walls, if you do not like it. 

Puh. I was really impressed about having such a strong 
idea about what is nice for your clients and what they
should do. 
And so I let him suffer while he painted the walls with this 
terribly horrifying dark violet which made him feel so bad. 
I could read it in his face. But, shame on me, because I did 
not tell him what's the trick of decorating a room in dark 
colors (walls, floor, furniture...). 
It's quite simple. 
Lift it up with a bright one, too. 
That is the whole secret. 
For example a dark grey goes very well with a cool pink, 
even a neon pink. And so my dark violet is up-lifted 
by a bright orange and also some colorful-accessoires in 
pink, red or yellow.

Quite simply, isn't it?
How do you feel about it?

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