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Monday Motto #7 – Happy 2014 !

Hello and welcome 2014! Buon anno nuovo!

Designisti is back in the office and looking forward to a sparkling new year. As I already explained recently I am not that much into New Year Resolutions. Maybe this is because I want to protect myself from being frustated at the end of the year when it is time for tracking your record about how you performed. And then you see, or even worse, the better part of you says it, that obviously bottom line less then let’s assume 30% was realized. Like doing more Yoga or Sports, healthy eating, Less this and that. Puh. No, no, no.

Why not just skip the bad habit of creating always resolutions that adds only heavy weight on your small shoulders in January and makes you feel bad the following December?

Sounds good, uh? Today I found an interview with my all-time hero, the legendary and most adorable Patti Smith which was quite recently recorded at a Literature festival in Denmark in 2012.

And I think no one else then the queen mother of punk rock is more trustworthy in giving the following advice:

What really matters is to know what you want and pursue it and understand that its gonna be hard, because life is really difficult […] We gonna be really happy and things are gonna be really fucked up too. Just ride with it.
It‘s all worth it.

Ah, pretty and wise punk lady, that feels quite so right and made me think about an overall slogan for 2014? I just added a bit more of the “pursue what you want” aspect and so the phrase with the rock ‘n’ roll crossed my mind.

That’s it, what she inspired me to: doing things just because you feel like it, taking life as it comes and having lots of moments that really make you happy. My very best wishes for all of u, and Happy New Year!


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  1. Happy new year to you!
    Thank you for this nice post. I was a fan of Patty Smith in my youth… I forget about it. Thank you for remind me – she is a great person.
    All the best to you!

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