Monday Motto #5

Breaking images is something all great creators have in common.***

Today’s motto is fully inspired by a teapot. A teapot, you may repeat? Yes, I really mean that. So how can a single teapot influence you in a way?

It greets me every morning, while I enter the kitchen, it’s the spot-on eye-catcher, even before anything else attracts my attention. It sits on a glass shelf and although it has strongly coloured neighbours, it plays the star role. The lovely lady* featured on the pot always twinkles at me and makes me smile, although she does that now for a long time – almost 20 years. But her eyes still work as an open door through which one is, somewhat magical, immediately sucked.

That is maybe one part of the secret formula every object, created by the legendary milanese artist Piero Fornasetti has. It’s the mix of surreal motif, irony, graphic form, optical illusion which in essence creates a special dimension one doubtlessly can call poetry. Needless to say, that I am a big admirer of his work.

That little object transfers the whole kitchen shelf into something different. Maybe, I dare to say, even the whole kitchen. And suddenly I realized there is a parallel to what some of my favourite Interior Design Heros do. Breaking images with objects is something which creates tension in a room and makes it a bit more special – and of course everybody can do that.

So, it crossed my mind, why not play more around with it – maybe I tape some feathers on my walls, paint a chair in a fancy color or put a quirky object on the table, whatever, the next thing to do is: breaking a rule in (my) home decoration.**

*the lovely lady on the teapot was Fornasetti’s long-time muse called Lina Cavalieri, he found her image in an old french magazine, she was an opera singer living in the Belle Epoche. 

**if you would like to join me, would be so much delighted to hear from you

***Quote/ Source: “Fornasetti – Conversation with Philippe Starck” – by Brigitte Fitoussi, Published by Assouline, 2005, Conversation between Philippe Starck and Barnaba Fornasetti (son of Piero Fornasetti)


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