Monday Motto #4

Maybe this weeks’ monday motto was inspired by my weekend outing which led us to a historic celtic spot with a small open air museum. So, what the heck, you may think, is the linkage between living as a celtic and the quote of the famous italian designer and architect Gio Ponti? He said:

Nothing exists if not through the hands.

Surely, the relationship between romans and the celtic was not the best one. And furthermore I do not know even one of the famous designers the celtic had. Bad luck too, they did not record in writing a single piece of their culture.

But while being in the open air spot, trying some of the celtics’ appliances for work and exploring their items for everyday objects (fur, wood, metal, clay, ceramic and a bit of glas for jewelry) it was kind of a light-bulb-moment. Touch is so important for us. It is the first sense to develop when we are born. So our tactile sensors need to be feeded. The human body in sum is one big touch receptor. We do not want only to be touched by other humans we also want to touch things, materials, elements.  And to experience different surfaces even can make us as happy as a warm hand of a human being. Of course we like to feel connected to the world with all our senses, but our haptics gives us the chance to feel the worlds’ sensations directly.

And because many of us in the western world do not longer work with our hands (ok, typing on your computer doesn’t count and preparing food is maybe not enough….) but we still like to feel these ultimate direct relation, we like to design and decorate our homes with different objects, materials or even elements (open fireplace) that just gives us back the feelings we are now missing while sitting in front of our computer. So check your home and (attention, we’ve come full circle) make sure, you have enough fur (ok, better faux fur), glass*, wood, metal, clay, ceramic objects in your home… Like Gio said.

*The image to illustrate Gio Pontis’ statement shows mouth-blown glass vases designed by Marion Fortat.


  1. Hi, eine schöne Idee mit dem Montags-Tipp. Hab ich jetzt auch auch meinem Blog. Sag mal, kommst Du gut mit dem Theme zurecht? Ich habe ja noch die uralt-Version von Autofocus und möchte ein Update kaufen. Bist Du zufrieden??

    • Joanna

      Hi farbenfreundin! Schön, dass Du vorbeischaust und dir mein MM gefällt. Also wegen des Upgrades von AF schreibe ich Dir am besten mal per mail. xx

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