Office Spaces – #1

It’s hot summer out there and so most of us like me are still locked with work at our desk probably while day-dreaming on beaches, pools and a soft breeze tackling our nose… So I thought perfect time to start a new series which shows office spaces that really make a difference.

As a starter I would like to present a sneak peak into the office space of 1stdibs, an e-tailer for antiques, vintage and mid-century modern furniture and design objects. 1stdibs means being the first person to claim ownership of a person or thing. But be careful with your announcements, on their platform you’ll find stunning items, but more the expensive one’s. So I was told especially interior designers are shopping there for their wealthy clients. As for me the site works as a wonderful destination for window-shopping and as an encylopedia for modern vintage furniture. But hey, I wanted to talk about their workspace, which I discovered through businessinsider. And here you go.


So what first catches your eye besides the big column is of course the curtains and the table lamps which are displayed throughout the space. And then I spotted that these desks are from IKEA (why? we have the same…uhhh) and of course there is a little apple here and there…



Internet-Companies seem to have always a playground, but here of course with a more elaborated touch and taste, let’s say the more sophisticated version – chess. But please take a second look:


Isn’t that cool – May the force be with you? … ok, let’s go on…



Art throughout the office – the latter by Sally Bruno, sister of founder Michael Bruno.

So isn’t that a cool mix? An open space office blended with art, decorative table lamps and curtains to create kind of a home office feeling. Would you like to work here? And how would your dream office space look like?

See the whole office tour at Businessinsider. © Robert Libetti/ Business Insider



















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